CherryPlayer 3.2

CherryPlayer allows playing local media files and streaming contents
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CherryPlayer allows playing not only local media files but also streaming contents from the Internet. It also permits searching several media websites. Luckily, the player supports practically every file format as well as using not only system but built-in codecs.

The application has a beautiful streamlined interface. Besides the main area where videos are shown and the standard playback buttons, there’s also a left panel that plays a very important role in managing playlists and surfing online sources. Thus, by opening the different tabs, you can access radio stations from all countries and search for music and video from multiple sharing sites, as YouTube, Twitch, 4shared, and Soundcloud. In the case of such video-sharing sites as YouTube and Twitch, you can easily login to your personal channel. Besides, the contents are conveniently organized into categories to facilitate searching. Moreover, you can consult the music charts published by BBC Radio, Billboard, and

All in all, there are two main features that can make CherryPlayer anyone´s favorite. First, it can play multiple types of media contents. Second, it is among the players with the nicest graphical interfaces. Unfortunately, the program is less customizable than many others. Just to mention an example, it doesn´t allow applying audio and video effects. Finally, although the English version of the interface is flawless, the Spanish one has several typos and untranslated captions.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has a very nice interface
  • It is easy to use
  • It can play multiple types of media contents
  • It can use internal and external codecs
  • It allows searching multiple media sites


  • The program is less customizable than many others
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